What To Do and What Not To Do When it Comes To Medical Marketing

Although the fields of business and medicine are distant disciplines, some of the aspects of the two fields would still intersect with each other one way or another. Marketing is the aspect of business responsible for promoting products or services through the use of well-devised marketing strategies and techniques.

On the other hand, the field of medicinal practice would also require marketing to reach more patients and to promote medications to reach the right people.

Marketing for doctors
Top 4 do’s and don’ts of healthcare marketing

With that said, the products and services that a medical practitioner has to offer would need a marketing boost for obvious reasons of revenue and to serve more people; thus Medical marketing.

There are thousands of medical practitioners in a county or a city alone, and marketing is a great tool to rise above the competition. Medical marketing can be used to advertise the services of the physician or even the doctor himself/herself.

Marketing a medical business can be beneficial when done right so here are 4 Do’s and Don’ts to ensure that you make the most of it.


1) Invest On A Website

Nowadays one of the most fundamental requirements for any organization is a website. Websites are beneficial for disseminating information and posting any announcements. If you have a venue, sites can also be helpful by allowing users to be able to post any picture.

Medical site benefits
Invest on a medical website

Websites are very accessible at any time of the day thus making the information available anytime and to more people. Websites will require a lot of maintenance to be able to function and constantly updating the interface must also be done to encourage more people to access it.

A website can be a reflection of the organization itself which is why keeping it tidy and aesthetically pleasing can affect the brand positively.

2) Make Sure You are Accessible, And You Respond

One of the reputations that you would have to build if you want to have good healthcare marketing is the image of being approachable. If you are approachable, then more likely, people would go to you for any services.

Creating the image of being approachable is not that easy as it sounds though because it would mean hiring the right people to respond to people. The social media world can be your ally when it comes to this tip as you may always create accounts and have people handle them for you in order for your brand to answer any inquiries anytime.

3) Always Provide Sufficient Information in Your Marketing Materials

Apart from having the right people and the right elements, it’s also important to put the right amount of information as well as the right quality of these things. Something as simple as putting the different ways of contacting your organization can make a lot of difference for you regarding marketing.

4) Provide Extra Services for The Convenience of Your Patients

Finally, one of the most significant do’s of medical marketing strategy is to do your research and constantly add services to make your brand stand above the rest. Promos and discounts are commonly prohibited in the line of promoting a healthcare business so to keep your brand recurring and active, make sure you introduce new gimmicks such as patient slips.


1) Don’t Be Afraid to Spend

One of the biggest don’ts for medical marketing plan is being scared to spend. You have to understand that if you want guaranteed results, you would have to invest the right amount of resources for the right things. From posters to maintaining websites, marketing for doctors will entail a certain amount of expenses.

Don’t be afraid to spend on marketing
4 don’ts of medical marketing

Getting afraid of spending can hinder you from reaching your goals so be sure to take note of your decisions whether you are choosing costs over returns.

2) Don’t Ignore Current Laws Imposed on Medical Marketing

As mentioned previously, there are current healthcare regulations containing laws and rules to make sure that medical marketing ideas will be fair to all. Part of healthcare regulations may be prohibitions for any promos or discounts given to medical professionals in order to promote the brand more.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in dire consequences, and even suspension of the brand so make sure that you do your research on these laws so that you can create legal marketing steps.

3) Don’t Be Impatient With Results

As the famous saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” your brand will not also gain success in just a matter of days.

There will always be obstacles that you would be encountering in the field of medical or physician marketing from legal issues to the simple failure of some strategies. Results and returns of investments may come in years’ time, and you have to make do with that timeframe. With this information at your disposal, create strategies that would be sustainable enough to support long waiting times and of course you would also need to prepare yourself emotionally.

4) Don’t Bring Down The Opposition

In the industry of marketing, bringing down the opposition can be very tempting due to the amount of influence you may have over a vast domain of people.

Medical marketing mistake
Don’t bring down the opposition

However, bringing down the opposition is not marketing. Bringing down the opposition will not generate any interesting contents or original ideas, and instead of working your brand towards a positive image that you are the best above the rest, you will just end up becoming the best among the worst.

People nowadays are smart when it comes to choosing their brands, if keep on pointing out the mistake of others, your market will realize that soon enough. Although you may need to gather information about the opposing brand’s shortcomings, use it to improve your brand and not to exploit the others.

Bottom Line

Medical Marketing can be a sensitive field due to the current laws being implemented and the vast pool of competitors, however, through these Do’s and Don’ts you can start creating better decisions and work towards a positive branding image to boost your market.

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